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A Warm Welcome

30th International kids-tour Berlin 2024

Germany's only international youth cycling race
is considered the most important junior cycling race in the world and is regarded as prestigious.


30 years of top young cyclists in Berlin


kids-tour Berlin - these three words make the hearts of tomorrow's cycling aces beat faster. The stage ride on the traditional last weekend in August is a must for all those who are chasing the dream of a big two-wheeled career.
What started in Berlin in 1993 is now considered one of the most important junior cycling races in the world. In 2024 we celebrate the 30th kids-tour. The tour will be special, it will grow and become more attractive in many ways. You want to know more? Then please read here and here.

kids-tour 2024-
in planning

From 22- 25 August 2024 it's time again. The kids tour is not just looking for the cycling stars of tomorrow on all stages. The tour offers everything you can experience and soak up at a cycling race. Great sport in a great city with cycling enthusiastic organisers and sponsors, attractive extras, top prizes and rankings for winners and teams and many smiling children.


»fair comes first«

25-27 August 2023, Berlin

Every donation helps and comes
100% good for the kids!


International kids-tour Berlin

All information about the route and stages

Internationale Kids Tour Berlin -2022- Die Tour-de-Berlin ist nicht-die-Kids-Tour!.jpg

Here you will always find the latest route information.

The "Every Child" race

Wheel Races and Fat Tire Races

The taster bike race for every child

Internationale-KidsTour_Berlin-2022-Kinder-Jedermannrennen-BRV-Nicht die Tour de Berlin!.jpg

The race for everyone, without a racing bike and driver's license. Simply participate with your own normal bicycle or balance bike.

Greetings from the Tour de Swiss 2022

Maximilian Schachmann

Thumbs up for kids-tour Berlin 2022

Schachmann tour de swiss_Kids Tour Berlin-Radsport-nachwuchs-Nicht die Tour de Berlin

"Schachi" Winner of the international kids-tour Berlin 2008 greets the kids-tour Berlin 2022

Top German mountain jersey rider at Tour de France

Simon Geschke

As well as Schachmann from Berlin, „Simoni“ Geschke now wishes the organisation team of kids-tour good luck.

Original and Copy

Excitement about kids-tour 2022

The original tour traditionally takes place


The original and the copy. Excitement about a 2nd kids-tour in Berlin. An overview and the realisation

Tour de France winner

 Geraint Thomas

Asked about the kids-tour, Thomes promptly said: "I know the kids-tour in Berlin" and wished me good luck.

Tadej PogacarParticipants of the Kids Tour 2010

From the Kids Tour to winning the 2020 Tour de France


  Exactly 10 years are enough to go from the kids tour to the winner of the Tour de France.
In the 2010 international peloton, among the 118 participants was a little boy Tadej 

  Pogacar from Slovenia.

Trailer 2019

1. Internationale kids-tour Berlin, 1993
30th Internationale kids-tour Berlin
Save the date! 22.-25. August 2024
Impressions & results of the Kids Tour 2022
here >>
Internationale-KidsTour_Berlin-2022-Kinder_Berlin_Radsport-Berliner Radsportverband-brv.jpg
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