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Everything for the kids on the bike.

The Kids Tour is alive!

28th international kids tour Berlin 2022

The international Kids Tour Berlin 2022 was a complete success.

We are looking forward to top - youngsters - cycling in Berlin 2023, ...!

 The children are happy, so are we. Thanks to all the kids, trainers, athletic directors, comrades-in-arms,  

 Advisers, sponsors, supporters, friends, helpers, comforters, rescuers. It was a (cycling) festival for us! Thank you, 

  Thank you. Nothing beats a child's smile, a pat on the back, a kind word. 

 2023 has been booked and Berlin's most important junior cycling race is again looking for the cycling stars of tomorrow.



Save the date! 25-27 August 2023, Berlin

All results of the Kids Tour 2022here

The winners of the International Kids Tour Berlin 2022

kids tour 2022 class U13

Overall winner: MICHAEL, Maurice Niklas | LV Brandenburg

Overall winner: BENDL, Tilda | LV Lower Saxony Girls

Team winner: LV Brandenburg

Best young athlete: HORN Gerry * Youngster Mixed Team

kids tour 2022 class U15

Overall winner: RESAG, Leon | LV Brandenburg 1st

Overall winner: MEINECKE, Lisa Marie | Mix Berlin/Saxony-Anhalt Girls

Team winner: LV Brandenburg

Internationale Kids Tour Berlin - Nachwuchs-Radsport
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