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Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas: "I know the kids-tour in Berlin"

Geraint Thomas | internationale kids-tour Berlin
Geraint Thomas sind Kinder ein Herzenangelenheit

The national cycling league team Wheel Divas supports organiser Michael Lemke at the kids-tour 2022.

The team is currently on tour in Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

I saw Geraint Thomas calmly fitting his back number with safety pins. Asked about the kids-tour, he promptly said: "I know the kids-tour in Berlin" and wished me good luck. I kept my worries to myself.

No, nobody can understand the unfair behaviour of the actors Bund Deutscher Radfahrer and Berliner Radsportverband. The Bund Deutscher Radfahrer deletes the kids-tour from the rad-net calendar of events, the Berlin "Fachverband" with the "Fachleuten" say adé to junior sport and children. The unanimous opinion in Graz is that there can be no reason in the world to deny the children their wish for a stage ride in Berlin, especially after 2 years of Corona.

And right, where it says kids-tour on it, it should be kids-tour in it. Neither professionals, nor organisers, let alone the participants, national as well as international federations or teams can understand all this. Especially not that an original kids-tour should no longer be called kids-tour.

Thomas was the big star at the Altstadtkriterium Graz and won. He is Tour de France winner, third this year, two-time Olympic and three-time World Champion. He started small once. He couldn't have been a winner in Berlin.

Competence comes to competence.



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