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Finally! Berlin cycling federation approves kids-tour.

Breathe a sigh of relief. After months, the kids-tour, a unique cycling event worldwide, receives regulatory approval. The stage ride is now officially announced. We look forward to further registration. We are on schedule, registrations are going well!!

internationale kids-tour Kids Tour Berlin - Der int. Radsport Nachwuchs in Berlin - Radsportveraband - Tour de Berlin, Julius Päske,
kids-tour 2022 U15 📸 Julius Päske, 13 years

Tender and procedure

A few hours ago, the official organ rad-net of the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (German Cyclists' Federation) released the kids-tour.

Every German cycling sporting event always has to be approved by the local cycling federation and then subsequently by the federal federation. So Berlin's cycling federation now releases the kids-tour in the database, the German Cyclists' Federation | Bund Deutscher Radfahrer BDR publishes this.

As sports director I invite you to the

Anniversary Tour 24.08.- 27.08.23 .

Thanks to the support of astendo | eventmanager

Registration status

I am satisfied with the current registration status. Entries are coming in earlier, new nations are now participating, the kids-tour is becoming more international.Entries are coming in earlier, there are new nations, the kids-tour is becoming more international.


The 30 years of kids-tour are outstanding. A small drop of bitterness is the year 2022. Because only the Frankfurt/Main court opened the way for the kids-tour.

I already applied for the 2023 permit at the end of 2022. The BRV board left the application unanswered for more than 5 months. The good news is that the permit has now been granted. This approval is by no means a matter of course. It was preceded by an unbelievable amount of correspondence from Wheel Divas e.V., setting of deadlines, reminders and enquiries to the Berlin Cycling association BRV. Whatever, in the end it's the result that counts.

Wheel Divas are the organisers of kids-tour.


Brands of the Berlin cycling club Wheel Divas e.V.

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