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Grandiose! Prize money at kids-tour for the first time

For the first time there is also prize money in the kids-tour. The Tour de France pays out 2.3 million euros. It won't be quite that much, according to the sponsors.

Prize money

In 1960, the Tour de France paid out a total of EUR 60,975. Today it is 2,300,000 EUR. An enormous development! Prize money is very rare at school age. From 1993 to 2022, there will be no prize money at the International kids-tour. Sponsors and the organising committee think that this can also change for the anniversary tour.

 internationale kids-tour Kids Tour Berlin - Der int. Radsport Nachwuchs in Berlin - Radsportveraband - Tour de Berlin
kids-tour 2022 📷 Julius Päske 12 Jahre.

For the first time in the history of the kids-tour, Zweirad- Center Stadler Berlin and M4Energy eG will provide prize money. Prizes will be awarded to the best teams in the U13 and U15 classes. Equality is very important to us! Girls get the same amount of prize money as the boys.

It remains exciting. For the best tour ever!

Everything for the kids on bikes!


Brands of the Berlin cycling club Wheel Divas e.V.



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