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Archive of international kids-tour since 1993

The international kids-tour also includes an archive of past tours. It is not easy to build up the archive, as many booklets have not survived the time so well, but that does not stop us. Friends and supporters of the tour can take a look at the past years and maybe one or the other athlete will find his or her way back :-). We have found some who want to actively shape cycling today and simply do it. Either with cycling races or activities for clubs.

We will archive and publish further issues in loose succession.

To start with, we publish the booklets of the first five years of the kids tour.
Download PDF • 21.71MB


Download PDF • 60.56MB

Download PDF • 92.64MB
Download PDF • 9.18MB

Unfortunately, this booklet has not survived the test of time, but we are glad that we were able to find it.

Download PDF • 37.15MB

And now have fun and take a dive into the past.

Your tour leader Michael Lemke

29th International kids-tour Berlin

Save the date! 25-27 August 2023, Berlin

Top junior cycling in Berlin



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