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Every rider has his chance. With and without a team.

No team? Do you want to be there? No problem. Individual starters are very welcome in 2023! The sports management offers solutions.

The organizing team is satisfied with the preparations. The 5 stage trip is on schedule. The most important thing is the public-law approvals for the route closures. Orga leader Odin Reinhardt: "I am in close contact with all authorities and offices. The approval procedure has changed, here we were able to react successfully. It is positive that positive vote has been received from all Berlin districts and Brandenburg municipalities.

The registration is also going well . We live diversity and equal participation. And there is still room for improvement! Because reporting teams is one thing. This requires active participation by associations or trainers, don't put teams together, the children still want to take part in the unique kids' tour. The others are individual reports. They come from parents, coaches and carers. They are now on the table. We have to think about it.

Times are changing

Can my child start alone? These requests are increasing. The youngsters are the focus. So we are enablers and not preventers, we want results and not insist on rules. And with action. This applies to every single child, whether with or without a team, whether with full-time care and nomination or without.

So- what speaks against a single message? What are the reasons against mixed teams? Does it devalue the tour? The organizational committee and the sporting directors deal with these questions, especially Michael Lemke.

Blue-White Buchholz e.V. | international kids-tour Kids Tour Berlin - The international youngsters in cycling in Berlin - Cycling Association - Tour de Berlin
Team Blue-White Buchholt for the kids tour 2022 📷 Julius Päske 12 years.

Special circumstances call for special actions

Children who are not allowed to do anything become adults who cannot do anything. Nobody makes up for wasted time. So if a child wants to develop, it should be a task for adults, far from any politics. That's how we see it in the organizational team, with a call to everyone!

We want children to be able to do something, so they must also be allowed to do something. In short,

the kids tour is also open to individual starters.

Individual starters become teams

The registration of the individual starters takes place as for teams. Michael Lemke will put the teams together. With this decision we give everyone a chance!

It remains exciting. For the best tour ever!

Everything for the kids on bikes!


Brands of the Berlin cycling club Wheel Divas e.V.



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