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kids-tour 2023. New beige jersey

The beige jersey of the kids-tour Berlin will be awarded to the best young female rider in the U13 age group. It is donated by the organiser Wheel Divas in 2023. The jersey now honours the best young girl separately.

History of the junior jersey

The junior jersey is based on the junior classification of the Tour de France and has been shown intermittently since 1975. Too rarely does a girl win the jersey in the kids-tour. Equal participation and diversity are very important to Wheel Divas. We are rethinking for more female cycling.

Beige jersey kids-tour

The girls' beige jersey is the boys' white jersey. The beige jersey differs from the classification of previous races. In the U13 age group, unlike in the U15, the girls and boys continue to start together. The best girl of the age group U13 younger year wins the junior jersey or younger year in beige. The jersey will be awarded in each stage with individual classification. This is in recognition of the girls who often cannot match the performance level of the older age group or the boys. In this way we honour the girls twice: Firstly, the overall leader of the U13 age group with pink and then again the leader of the younger age group with beige. So the junior jersey in the mixed race U13 will be awarded twice. Once in white to the boys and the beige to the girls.

Cédrine  KERBAOL ( FRA ) – CERATIZIT - WNT PRO CYCLING TEAM ( WNT ) - GER – Best Youngest Rider   📷 Arne Mill | frontalvision | kids-tour Berlin  📷 Arne Mill | frontalvision |  internationale kids-tour Kids Tour Berlin - Der int. Radsport Nachwuchs in Berlin - Radsportveraband - Tour de Berlin
Cédrine KERBAOL ( FRA ) – CERATIZIT - WNT TEAM ( WNT ) - GER – Best Youngest Rider . From 2023 at the kids-tour in beige 📷 Arne Mill | frontalvision

The jerseys are provided by REDVIL. Many thanks to the team of Magdalena Turek and Olaf Hübner from Chemnitz.

Everything for the kids on the bike! For the best tour ever!


Brands of the Berlin cycling club Wheel Divas e.V.



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