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kids-tour 2023. Purple Jersey

The purple jersey of the kids-tour Berlin will be awarded to the best girl in the sprint of the age group U13 and U15. It is donated by the sponsor Müller Werbemittel Werbemittel from Chemnitz. It corresponds to the green sprint jersey of the Tour de France | Tour de France Femmes.


The purple jersey differs in the colour of large races. In the U13 age group, unlike predominantly in the U15, girls and boys start together. Equal participation and diversity are very important to us. For this reason, the sprint jersey is worn in purple, while the boys' jersey is still green.

Purple jersey kids-tour

The best sprint girl of the age group U13 and U15 wins. The jersey will be awarded in each stage with individual scoring. If riders are tied with the points, the winner will be decided by who has more stage wins, then who has won more intermediate sprints and finally, as a third criterion, who is better in the time classification for yellow.

kids-tour Berlin 4. Etappe 2016  📷 Arne Mill | frontalvision |  internationale kids-tour Kids Tour Berlin - Der int. Radsport Nachwuchs in Berlin - Radsportveraband - Tour de Berlin
ZDUN Anna-Helene ( GER ) – LV Sachsen-Anhalt – Pink Jersey - Best Girl - 25. Internationale kids-tour– Stage 3 📷 Arne Mill | frontalvision

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Müller Werbemittel is a partner and promoter of the International kids-tour. Among other things, the start numbers are printed there.

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Jersey manufacturer

The jerseys are provided by REDVIL. Many thanks to the team of Magdalena Turek and Olaf Hübner from Chemnitz.

Everything for the kids on the bike! For the best tour ever!


Brands of the Berlin cycling club Wheel Divas e.V.



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