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kids-tour 2023. Yellow jersey

The Maillot Jaune of the kids-tour Berlin receives the leading participant of the general classification. It will be donated in 2023 by the main sponsor Zweirad-Center Stadler in Berlin.


There are a variety of versions as to why the overall leader wears the yellow jersey. It is probable that the first bears Henri Desgrange in 1919. The idea behind it, he should be better recognized by the spectators of the Tour de France.

Yellow jersey kids-tour

The overall leader has been awarded since 1993. Many sponsors and supporters want to see themselves on the jersey.

kids-tour Berlin, 4th stage, Road Race RR, U13, 24 km, U15, 40 km, Europe, Germany, Berlin, Neues Kranzler Eck, Kurfürstendamm, August 18, 2013, final, Jan Bevc, Slovenia | Big performance Kurfürstendamm Berlin 2015 from left: Marco Brenner, Leon Brescher, Ricarda Bauernfeind and Henri Uhlig (Team Mittelfranken) | international kids-tour Kids Tour Berlin - The international youngsters in cycling in Berlin - Cycling Association - Tour de Berlin
kids-tour Berlin, 4th stage, Road Race RR, U13, 24 km, U15, 40 km, Neues Kranzler Eck, Kurfürstendamm, August 18th, 2013, final, Jan Bevc, Slovenia 📷 Arne Mill | frontal vision

Zweirad Center Stadler is Germany's largest bicycle dealer. Founded in 1936 in Regensburg by Josef Stadler, his son Helmut Stadler further developed the novel idea of a permanent bicycle showroom with a large selection and advice from a specialist shop. At its headquarters, Zweirad Center Stadler offers everything cycling needs over an area of 12,000 m². Zweirad-Center Stadler has 21 branches throughout Germany and one location in Austria. Around 1,400 people are employed in the 22 branches.

In Berlin, Zweirad Center Stadler is represented by 2 branches. In Charlottenburg and Prenzlauer Berg, bikes are displayed in huge areas. It is unlikely that you will not find what you are looking for there. A total of 130 employees are at the customer's disposal.

The Berlin branches are Berlin's largest training company for bicycle mechatronics. The branches and the apprentices are initiating a unique project with the women's national cycling league team Wheel Divas at the beginning of 2023: The apprentices are involved in all international and national competitions on a rotation principle. The internship will be evaluated and included in the grading. With the internship, the future bicycle mechatronics technicians receive a practical training that is unique in Germany in a real racing environment and on very high-quality racing bikes with the brands Scott, Shimano DI2, Mavic, among others.

Manufacturer of the jerseys

The jerseys are sent to us by REDVIL provided. Many thanks to the team of Magdalena Turek and Olaf Hübner from Chemnitz.

Everything for the kids on bikes! For the best tour ever!


Brands of the Berlin cycling club Wheel Divas e.V.



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